Across from him was his fellow jinchuuriki, Gaara, but Sasuke was no where to be found.The proctor glanced up to the Hokage who discussed with the Kazekage next him before he gave his silent orders.

Naruto - the friendly goofball, untalented and deadlast shinobi. Read Chunin Exams Finale- Finale from the story Blood stained wings- Naruto fanfic by thatguydeox with 3,042 reads. Ayumi's friends came to watch Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru and her fight. He was completely unready, not that it mattered either way, for the powerful kicked to his jaw that launched him into the opposite wall to Gaara embedding him into it knocked out.Naruto felt Sasuke's jaw shatter from his kick. Good.. now I can go all out. broly, neglect, abuse. 1 month passed by and the Chuunin exams starts today.

The Kazekage will not be killed my Orochimaru in this story.

uzumaki, sasunaru, siblings. Sasuke doesn't have the marks. This is a Gaara and Naruto fanfic female Naruto.

I smiled inwardly, fixing myself with the most surprised look I could muster, before allowing Sakura to nail me in the shoulder, in my futile 'attempt' to dodge.I slid backwards, before gaining traction, and standing up fully. "One...- more....- time," she gasped, struggling for oxygen.She ran at me with newfound speed, twisting her right arm backwards, and hurling it at me. Sasuke and sakura finally got out of the daze and slowly snuck away from them and ran towards the tower. "Well done," I praised, smiling at Sakura before clapping. O) with 3,545 reads.

"Does this please you Mother hehehe" his laugh sent shivers down the spines of the audience.Naruto however saw this as an opportunity and rushed forward so fast he wasn't visible to even the two Kage.

Team Badass (A Naruto Fanfiction) Fanfiction. She had learnt C-rank genjutsu techniques, which would be advanced enough to use against other Genin, yet would be futile to use against a Chunin or Jonin.

I didn't even have to check their chakras - it was Konohamaru and his team for sure. Credits to: Hulkishpower #action #action-adventure #adventure #drama #fanfiction #naruto. Gaara's sand seemed to be soaking it in while Gaara gave an insane smile. They beat and scorned him. Hell! Her breathing was ragged and heavy, yet she forced herself to stand up, clenching her fist. Calculated chaos. Find out the full extent of his prowess and discover his amazing potential as he unl...Sakura panted, her hands on her knees, sweat sliding down her forehead and dripping on to the ground in abundant amounts.

Fic Request. The boy flew back into the stadium wall bouncing of it as cracked.Naruto didn't let up and fly kicked Gaara back into the wall and then pushed of the boys body to launched himself at Sasuke.Sasuke had just only looked up after seeing his mangled arm. Naruto's powers from the nine tails fox will not be the same they will be a bit like Gaara's. Dosu wasn't given a minuet and he had no doubts if the Uchiha didn't show up he would be given more time.And that's what happened 20 minuets had past before a lightning shushin appeared next the proctor dispersing to reveal Kakashi and Sasuke.The crowed roared I approval while a vast majority of ninja shook the heads in disapproval.When Kakashi finished his small talk he left the field meaning the fight was ready to begin.Just like in the other fights Genma asked the genin if they were ready and received a nod of confirmation.Sasuke hurled shuriken's at Naruto then turned to Gaara doing the same.Naruto easily caught the shuriken's and watched as Sasuke ran at Gaara who's sand had caught the shuriken's threw at him.Sasuke went for a punch but was instantly caught by Gaara's sand the sand wrapped around his arm and crushed it.Violent snaps and crunches echoed around the stadium. Kurama and naruto noticed and scowled before smirking.

Friendship fun ambition equals? As I dodged, I could practically feel the sheer amount of chakra put in her fist, something extremely impressive for a Genin who started intensive training only around 4 months ago.I saw her smirk before she twisted, spinning and whipping her foot towards me, aiming for my head. The name, Team 7 is too boring for the flamboyant group of friends, naruto, sasuke and sakura. "I think you're ready for the exams," I informed her.Too tired to reply, she collapsed to her knees, a satisfied smile on her face. I cast them a lazy eye before pretending that I hadn't noticed them, continuing on my way.

All the Genins who passed today went to the arena along with some Jounins and other people. He made sure in was un healable. Poor kakashi, he's going crazy because of his crazy students. He was hated for something he couldn't control.

Looking for chunin exams fic that involve naruto being a stronger ninja.

Les Examens Chûnin visent à tester les aptitudes des genin désirant être promus chûnin. He punched Gaara interrupting his insane moment. Read Chunin Exams (11) from the story The Uzumaki Twins (Naruto Fanfiction) by MistressofOreos (Miss. She had average genjutsu skills, since she had had a headstart in her taijutsu training, her genjutsu wasn't as advanced, yet it was still good enough to be considered a weapon. He is thankful however because they forced him to be strong now they'll regret their decision, as they have to face something worse then the demon they...Naruto had sat Satsuko resting on his shoulder. I'll even take fics change out his skill set completely. chunin exam Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. Read Chapter 7: Chunin Exam Arc Part 1 from the story Naruto The Saiyan Shinobi Of Konoha by EpicError74 (EpicError) with 3,028 reads.

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